Company Introduction

      Multi IR is a company which is engaged in researching and developing sensors and sensing technology, also selling and providing technical support to our customers. Meanwhile, our team are made up by national chief scientists, senior elites in the industry, well-experienced quality people in the management domain. As you can see,  we gathering a group of people which are capable and well-trained of technical.

      Multi IR have R&D center in Germany, HangZhou and ShenZhen, and we have more than 130+ core patent in  instrumented domain. Also, we design various smart application products independently, which now are widely used in aviation, smart home, consumer electronics, intelligent medical system, environment protection, fire fighting, security engineering, mining industry,  electronic tram, vehicle networking and so on .

      Internet of everything is going to be the general trend in the future and Multi IR will continue to focusing on manufacture our sensor products and develop our technique of sensor’s application upgrade, we are determined to produce advanced sensor technology and contribute to interconnection of everything .

Application Area

More than 120+ core patents

Independent Design And Development


Smart Home

Consumer Electronics

Medical Wisdom

Environmental Protection Industry

Fire control Security


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